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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Top 5 Thanks’ Given after Maw’s Kitchen Remodeling

Top 5 Thanks’ Given after Maw’s Kitchen Remodeling
Dear Contractor, Thank you for Remodeling Maw’s’ kitchen and…
1. … adding a “con-vection” microwave in addition to her stove. Now she can cook and we can feast on turkey AND ham… all in the same sittin’!
2. …building that spacious center island which gives Maw space to whip up her special fixins’ like: “Creamy Coon Pasta w/ Tadpole Puddin’ ” and “Artery Cloggin’ Hog Mash w/ Taters.”
3. …hiding all, well most all, of her stinky garbage in them crafty pull out trash bins.
4. …protecting her precious god-fearing fingers from sure dismemberment by eliminating those dark and dangerous shadows with them newfangled L E D under-cabinet light thingy’s.
5. …saving Maw and Paw’s marriage by creating two prep areas which allow them to work in the same kitchen without even once throwing hot grease on one tuther’.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the K Squared Team!

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