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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hackers on the Prowl!

Contractors and Builders Beware!

Spammers are getting very personal and crafty with their phishing emails.

I received this email yesterday

I got your email contact on your website, I would like to build a new home in a couple of months time, would your company be capable of taking on this project for me? Please let me, I look forward to your prompt reply.

Best Regards
James Miller"

Thinking this was real, I responded and then recieved this email.
"Hello Dale,

Thank you for your reply, I would like to build a new family home for a change in living style. I have compiled all the details about the type of home, location, budget, number rooms and bathrooms, e.t.c on the Google Doc I have included in this email. Please review and let me know if your company can take on the project. 

I look forward to your reply.


James Miller"

Again, thinking this was real, I clicked on the link which took me to my Google Doc sign in...which I stupidly did, not noticing that this was the link at the top of the page. http://toys-story.ro/galben/css/share/2015/

Luckily, Google is on alert and when I got up this morning, had a message asking if I had signed in from a different location, which I hadn't. I immediately changed my password and so far, have not had any indication of problems. Holding my breath...

One access was from St . Charles, MD and the next...Nigeria.

Not all is what it seems, so take it from me...always look at the address bar, and never click an unknown link.

Be safe,
Dale Kramer