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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Seasons greetings and Thank You from the K Team!

Dear Friends,
As 2014 and K Squared Builders (K2) first full year in business draws to a close, I find it appropriate to update, or at the least provide insight into how we got started and where we are heading.
Way back in 1979, I got my start in carpentry as a helper for a German Baptist carpenter. Thankfully that sect was allowed to use power tools! Eventually I worked full time for them as a self-employed carpenter so technically – I was self-employed first at 16!
From there, I worked for two commercial contractors where I became the footing foreman for each and learned much about concrete, retaining walls and grade work…as well as plumbing.
Using that experience, I partnered with a friend to create T&D Construction. We knew how to work hard, but without any business training, made an easy target for some bigger companies who prey on the naive. More lessons learned.
In 1987, I went to work for Jerry Liu, a Montgomery County remodeler, who when asked about benefits stated “you get paid for what you work”. I took the job as a carpenter and soon became a lead carpenter and then project manager including building a somewhat complex custom home. In 1996 I switched roles to represent him as his Salesman/Estimator. It was one of the best moves of my career, participating as they became one of the most respected remodelers in the DC Metro area …while earning “full” benefits.
All good things come to an end.., so that better things can start! In January 2013, I started the involved process of becoming a Maryland Home Improvement Contractor and finally in August of 2013, K Squared Builders, Inc. was “officially” born. At that time, I still represented D G Liu as a licensed salesman and continued to do so until about June of this year at which time I knew it was time to go “Fulltime”.
The K TEAM: Who says family cannot work together? I am doubly blessed to have both my children working for me now. Lance not only is a skilled Lead Carpenter but has earned great customer praise as my Project Manager for running their jobs not just smoothly and efficiently, but with high quality. Daughter Nicole Cook has taken over our bookkeeping, freeing me up to pursue new work and as well as spending some time in the field as well. Her computer skills are a great help and asset to us…and I get to see my beautiful granddaughters when she is here working…priceless!
Scott Warnick started as an partially skilled helper but has quickly advanced to carpenter status. What he initially lacked in skill was more than compensated for by his excellent work ethic and positive attitude. I am fortunate to have him as part of the K TEAM and he also has received many compliments.
David Buckner and Josh Hosey have both provided much needed fill-in help and we look forward to utilizing them whenever possible. Last but not Least, Daughter-in-law Whitney Kramer runs all of our permits and her “get-it-done” attitude, “gets-it-done” in that (sometimes) frustrating task!
Maybe the most unknown member of the K TEAM is our loyal, tried and true sub-contractors. Having worked with many of them for beyond 15 years provides us with a valuable resource that we are pleased to have the pleasure of working with as well as the trust to have them represent K2
And now…drum roll please…the MOST important members of the K TEAM.
That is you: My Clients, friends, family, tradesman and associates that have chosen to let us help with not just your projects but have referred your friends and families as well. Because of you, we have had a surprisingly busy and productive first year at K2. Without you, none of this would be possible! We have built additions, kitchens, custom decks, office spaces, water damage restorations, windows, roofing, siding, bathrooms and more.
Myself and the entire K TEAM thank you for your ongoing trust and loyalty and are looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for us, through you.
Unlike many companies that are driven only by profit and growth, we are driven to provide a quality project, at a fair price and on schedule. I personally guarantee that every job will be completed “The way you want it”.
Have a most Merry Christmas and a wonderful Holiday Season!

Dale Kramer President K Squared Builders, Inc.

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