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Monday, June 30, 2014

Invasion of the Home Eaters

No,not some cheesy movie, these winged stealth biters attack your homes without you even knowing they are there...until you step through the floor or a picture falls off the wall. As I was leaving my house the other day, I saw them "Swarming" from this log as they head for some unsuspecting home. Your home is at its greatest risk form March to June.

"If you took all the termite damage nationwide, you're probably looking at more damage from termites than you would say from floods and fires combined." Terminex Technical Specialist Michael Paul.

Even more important than termite treatments and inspections, is to eliminate any source of moisture near the framing of your home.
NO Water, NO Termites!
Direct rainwater away from the foundation. install flashings over windows and doors. Keep mulch and earth at least 6" below your siding, and if you have dripping plumbing pipes, fix them immediately. The wood piranhas cannot survive without moisture.
 — in Maryland.

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