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Thursday, April 17, 2014

When is a Jackleg a potential home-burner?

1. an incompetent, unskillful, or dishonest person.
"a jackleg carpenter"

When is a Jackleg a potential home-burner?
When they leave a fire hazard lurking in your wall.
While tearing out some walls today, we found multiple examples of unsafe and shoddy workmanship left by a previous Jackleg.
Picture 1 shows a bundle of "wire-nutted" wires that had been illegally hidden in a wall. Picture 2 shows an unsecured wire that had been trapped between the wallboard and framing...and then had a screw run through it. The black soot shows how close this came to being disaster.
The good news...our licensed electricians where able to correct all of these problems in short order!
Picture 1
Picture 2

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